Motorsport Solutions
is professional services company specialising in Motorsports, with focus in 3 main activities:

1. Managing Races, Championships & Motorsports Events
2. Managing racing Teams and Drivers
3. Motorsport Marketing and Awarness Campaigns

Motorsport Solutions created Drift UAE as a professional drifting Challange to provide a safe and competitve platform for drifting enthusiasts to take part in. Drifting is the fastest growing form of motorsports, and through drifting Motorsports solutions strives to increase motorsport awarness in th society and amongst the youth.

Motorsport Solutions also manages other grass root events including THE BARREL SPRINT, which is entry level motorsport, combining 3 forms of motorsports in one, ( Drag, Drift & AutoX) 
THE CHASE, which is a street racing festival, created by  Motorsport Solutions, to increase Society's underestanding about the street racing culture in all its forms, plus provide a platform for street racing community to display their talents and arts in a safe and controlled environment.