What's Drifting


Drifting is a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing loss of traction in the rear wheels, while maintaining control from turn to turn. Drifters happens by coordinating the amount of counter steer (or opposite lock) with the simultaneous modulation of the throttle and brakes to shift the weight balance of the car back and forth through the turns while adhering to the standard racing lines and maintaining extreme slip angles.

Drifting competitions are judged based on LINE, ANGLE, SPEED and SHOW FACTOR.
Line involves taking the correct line, which is usually announced beforehand by Judges. 
Angle is the angle of a car and more importantly the turned wheels in a Drift.
speed is the speed entering a turn, the speed through a turn, and the speed exiting the turn; faster is better.
The show factor is based on multiple things, such as the amount of smoke, how close the car is to the wall or designated clipping point, and the crowd's reaction.

Their are 2 forms of Drifting Tanso (Single) and Tsuiso (Tandem) 
Tanso (Single) Drifting happens in Practice and Qaulifying to Select the Top 16.
Top 16 then compete in Tsuiso (Tandem) format to select the top drifters.

Drifting techniques:
Power over
Clutch kick
E- Brake
Shift Lock
Long slide
Lift off
Dirt Drop